Value Engineering

Our value engineering capability is one of the best in the HVAC industry. On every project we bid, the original HVAC design is analyzed for potential value engineering.

Here are a few of our success stories:

Equitable Tower West – NYC – 52 Stories, 1.5 Million Square Feet Building

  • Original Design by Cosentini Associates
  • Built by John Grace Co.
  • Value Engineering done by our president David Rosenberg
  • The new design has reduced the mechanical rooms by 60,000 Square Feet providing the owner with additional real estate space, reduced cost, and construction time.

Siemens MRI Building – Brooklyn, NY

  • Our value engineering has eliminated the entire basement MER and has reduced the cost by 50%.

The Tudor Hotel – 42nd Street, NYC

  • Our value engineering changed the original HVAC design in order to eliminate the need to dig a new sub-basement floor.

Palisades Mall / Common Area

  • Our value engineering implemented a completely new concept for large open spaces. We designed and built custom-made units to operate on high velocity and low temperature, which reduced the original duct work design by 80%. In addition, the interior aesthetic was improved and the energy management was simplified. The construction cost and the time of completion were substantially reduced.

VRV Heat Pump Systems

  • 100 ton Mitsubishi system installed at Dolce & Gabbana Flagship store
  • 300 ton Mitsubishi system installed at New Lab Brooklyn
  • 25 ton LG system installed at Canal St. Condo Building